Monday, March 30, 2009

my toast is toast

Our next project was to create letterforms out of toast. Pretty creazy, huh? Well, I had a lot of fun with it. I ended up making three of them for class on 3/25. I spent a really long time on them, and used a lot of bread. Unfortuately, I had a really bad morning the day they were due and ended up driving away with my toast on the top of my car. I tried to look for them when I got home that night, at 9. I wandered the streets with a flashlight. It reminded me of this book I have called Speck. It's a collection of collections - different people's weird collections of things. Pretty neat book, actually. This one guy decided to see if leaving a trail of breadcrumbs would work in NYC. He left slices of bread instead of breadcrumbs along the route to his girlfriend's house, and retraced his steps later to see if he could find the bread. He found a bunch of them, mostly all gross and mangled. I also succeeded in finding some of my bread, pictured here. Just my luck, it was the one of the three that wasn't so great.

Thankfully, Z believed my crazy story and let me re-do them to turn in on 3/29.

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